In Zarouchla in Greece on Peloponnesos 

you will find a very typical and romantic peloponnesian mountain-village with a magnificent environment, old green trees, wild flowers and cool springs or creeks. Zarouchla and Tsivlos-Lake are ideal places for all, who love the natural charme of the wild north-eastern peloponnesos. Even in the hot summers Zarouchla offers a fresh climate, always 10 degrees Celsius lower than at the sunny beaches of the Gulf of Corinthos. On weekends the greek families enjoy this calm and inviting place to escape the heat and stress in Athens or Patras.

On the way up to Zarouchla through the magnificent mountains and gorges you should make a rest at the famous Lake Tsivlos with its green fresh water. Here you can go swimming or have a drink or lunch in the old traditional taverna at the lake. Tsivlos is also a very nice place for trekking and camping.
In the small village of Zarouchla only few greek families are living today, running shops and old tavernas as well as gurst houses and hotels where the guest receives a warm welcome and the good traditional greek food and all the fresh products from their own gardens and farms.
Here in Zarouchla you will feel that life runs like in a forgotten place and time is nothing but a word...
Not really nostalgic, but this is greece as you still can find it far away from the tourists places and big cities.
Have a walk and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this little village with its old stone-houses, big green gardens and fantastic old trees by the creek. Even today the Peloponnesos offers the old way of hospitality and "filoxenia" the greeks are famous for.
Nevertheless you also will find some modern guesthouses and tavernas with all modern comfort you may need.